Bale Trails was founded in 2016 by founder Ayuba Ahmed in an effort to provide visitors with quality guiding services and quality experience. By doing so, it is hoped that this endeavor will help promote international awareness and conservation efforts for Bale Mountains National Park and the region. In addition, it is hoped that by providing better services, more people will visit the area, which will create new opportunities and alternative livelihoods for local communities thereby furthering the conservation of the park.


Ayuba Ahmed

My name is Ayuba Ahmed and I was born in Bale Dinsho, in the heart of the Bale Mountains and I am the founder of Bale Trails. At the age of 16, I began working for Bale Mountains National Park as a guide and lodge assistant. During this time, I took out numerous researchers interested in the area’s birdlife, wildlife, plant life and ecosystems. After sometime, I sought out and successfully received a diploma in ‘Tourism Management’ from Madawelabu University in Bale Robe, Ethiopia. Afterwards, I again started work as a freelance guide who specialized in Bale but traveled extensively throughout Ethiopia especially for those who were interested in bird watching, wildlife viewing and cultural excursions. In addition, I have guided journalists and film crews throughout Ethiopia, some of which you can see at I have dedicated myself to this work and improving the services I provide. I have successfully completed numerous guide training programs provided by the Frankfurt Zoological Society and I’m always learning from my experiences with clients. Recently, I have decided to start this tour company as a continuation of improving the quality of tourism services that I provide and those provided in Bale. Although I specialize in tour guiding throughout Bale, my work has taken me throughout Ethiopia and I have become familiar with all the popular tourist destinations that the country has to offer. I am also knowledgeable with Ethiopian history, numerous Ethiopian cultures and Ethiopia's natural history. I am fluent in Amharic, Afan Oromo and English. My services have come highly recommended and have been featured in the pages of Lonely Planet©, Brandt©, Trip Advisor©, Voyage Forum and the Bale Mountains National Park website


There are many out there who will tell you that they are legitimate tour guides or own legitimate tour companies but many are frauds and cheats. To put your mind at ease about the claims we make, we have included the following credentials to prove our legitimacy..

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